Enabling sustainable farming in Africa.

Biomic provides tools for soil and water monitoring in seconds. Track chemical input and their effect on your top soil health with advanced AI assisted technology.

Soil Health

Learn what your soil needs with automated tools, testing kits, and reports.


Accurately measure pH, nitrogen dioxide, aluminum, magnesium and chlorine with AI.


Understande the proportions of different microbes living in your soil ecosystem.

Water Monitoring

Estimate and alert of abnormal levels of pH, turbidity, temperature, BOD.

Soil Testing

Learn what your soil needs with aerial mapping coupled with traditional sampling of your soil. Generate your soil report in under 30 seconds.

  • Multispectral remote sensing for soil mapping

  • Microbial and environmental analysis tools

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Grain Analyzer

Digitize grain seed quality inspection with artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities.

We created a set of tools to help you make the right decisions regarding grain storage and improvement.

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Tailored Solutions

Biomic lets farmers test genetic composition of their soil and build visual maps for their farms. Checkout how others are using Biomic tools!

Measure Fertilizer Concentration
Imrpoving Vanilla Yields
Water Monitoring with AI

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Since our launch, we have partnered and been endorsed by incredible organizations. We continue to seek corporate partners with a vision to transform Africa's agriculture space.

Afronaut Ventures

AI-powered technology will helps farmers health-check soil and water.

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